Clubperson of The Year



Awarded to the person deemed to have contributed the most to upholding the spirit of the Club during the past season. The winner, chosen by the Executive Committee, may be a player (Junior or Senior), a committee member, a coach/manager, a parent, a supporter or any combination of these. It is not compulsory that the award be given if an appropriate candidate is not nominated that season.


Season        Name         

2004/05       Paul Fitzpatrick

2005/06       Jamie Large

2006/07       Andrew Luzzi

2007/08       Chris Longhurst

2008/09       Jim Micsko

2009/10       Liz Dowd
2010/11       Peter Gibson
2011/12       Ange Barbaro / Sam Barbaro
2012/13       Andrew Kennedy
2013/14       Patrick Anderson

2014/15       Kim Longhurst

2015/16       Not Awarded

2016/17       Matthew Kobryn

2017/18       Luke Downie

2018/19       Keith Parker Jr

2019/20    Not Awarded

2020/21    Darren Taylor, Alex Mullen,

   Andrew Bugg & Chris Hinkley