Awarded to the Senior cricketer (under the age of 21) playing their first full season in the senior NDCA competition. The player must have played at least seven (7) matches in Senior teams to qualify. Winner to be selected by a panel comprised of Committee Executive members, Senior Captains and other club members or Life Members deemed appropriate.

The award recognises performance as well as what the recipient has contributed to upholding the spirit of the Club.

 Round matches only. Semi-finals and Finals matches are not included.


Season        Name

2012/13       Robbie Drake

2013/14       Not Awarded

2014/15       Dean Reeves

2015/16       Mitchell Price

2016/17       Jayden Stewart

2017/18       Harrison Field

2018/19       Not Awarded

  2019/20     Not Awarded

  2020/21     William Foote

                2021/22        Ben Jeff