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Batting Partnerships

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1144 Justin McColl - Chris Tonks Emu Plains Cricket Club3rd Grade8 1 Panthers
281 Jack Savage - Harrison Mullen Emu Plains Cricket Club2nd Grade6 1 West Falcons
399 Saarim Ghias - Xander Carstens Emu Plains Cricket ClubUnder 135 1 Springwood
4115 Chris Longhurst - Michael Todd Emu Plains Cricket Club5th Grade5 1 Glenbrook Blaxland
5126 Xander Carstens - Saarim Ghias Emu Plains Cricket ClubUnder 1318 1 Cranebrook
689 James McPherson - Martin Bowerman Emu Plains Cricket Club3rd Grade4 1 St Marys Leagues
792 Chris Tonks - David Hanrahan Emu Plains Cricket Club3rd Grade10 1 Springwood
862 Jackson Moore - Max Lee Emu Plains Cricket ClubUnder 158 1 Blue Mountains Grammar School
967 Lee McColl - Alex Mullen Emu Plains Cricket Club2nd Grade9 1 Glenmore Park
1026 Brendan Khoury - Luke Fitzpatrick Emu Plains Cricket Club5th Grade1 1 St Marys Leagues

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