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Batting Partnerships

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1133 Paul Knight - Francois Sidrak Emu Plains Cricket Club8th Grade7 1 Penrith RSL
2112 Francois Sidrak - Robert Bates Emu Plains Cricket Club8th Grade7 1 Penrith RSL
3116 Ryan Coleman - Cooper Connelly Emu Plains Cricket ClubUnder 131 1 Penrith RSL - Blue
4107 Elsa Hunter - Benjamin Robinson Emu Plains Cricket ClubUnder 141 1 Glenbrook Blaxland - Siddle
573 Robert Bates - Matthew Hogarth Emu Plains Cricket Club8th Grade9 1 Glenbrook Blaxland
6101 Paul Callaghan - Matthew Sutcliffe Emu Plains Cricket Club1st Grade20 1 Glenmore Park
794 Andrew Bugg - Lee McColl Emu Plains Cricket Club2nd Grade9 1 Springwood
849 Luke Downie - Ange Barbaro Emu Plains Cricket Club3rd GradeSF 1 Glenbrook Blaxland
938 Chris Tonks - Daniel O'Brien Emu Plains Cricket Club1st Grade9 1 Panthers
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